How It Started

Company Name

AYER Quality Engineering LLC is named after Howard Ayer, CIH. As an engineer, Howard was a pioneer in our nation’s leadership in the development of standards to protect our health and welfare.

Our History

As a fourteen-year veteran with a national environmental consulting firm, Matt Ayer was pursuing a career change. After an afternoon with a pen and a pad of engineering paper, he wrote the business plan that would become AYER Quality Engineering. Matt promptly met with a colleague, Joe Hollowell, to discuss his plans and invite him to join as a business partner. The two founded the business at the end of 2005.

The duo set out to create a business that had a reputation for superior engineering services. They sought to develop client relationships rooted in integrity and trust, built by effectively helping clients meet their business objectives and environmental responsibilities.

Despite a strong vision for success, the uncertainty during Matt and Joe’s first days as business owners was palpable. Their optimism grew when they first fired up their fax machine, purchased from the trunk of a car, which promptly printed a purchase order for $50,000. It was evident then that their reputation in the industry would afford the business the opportunity to succeed.

From there, things came together quickly. Matt converted an upstairs bedroom to be the company headquarters. Joe became a registered Professional Engineer in early 2006. Eventually, despite a lack of marketing campaigns, their workload grew such that they needed to hire additional engineers.

AYER retains its clients because they can count on the firm for thorough regulatory analysis, sound engineering fundamentals, and superb critical thinking skills. AYER is proud to uphold a similar reputation amongst various government agencies, in Ohio and beyond. AYER preserves its stature through an unwavering commitment to its mission – to provide customers with superior service and honest work.